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Outdoor attractions to enjoy along the byway in 2020

October is a wonderful time to be outdoors on the Alabama Gulf Coast. Morning temperatures average in the 60s, the fall sun typically warms the days into the mid-70s, and the skies just seem a little bluer. So plan your fall trip on Alabama’s Coastal Connection Scenic Byway for an abundance of outdoor attractions to enjoy during this special time of year.  

The Coastal Connection has you covered for outdoor fitness and scenic views

Did you know Alabama’s Coastal Connection Scenic Byway is chock-full of ways to enjoy the outdoors and do your body good? With miles of trails (paved and unpaved), white-sand beaches and calm waterways, you can find a location that fits your favorite outdoor exercise.

Explore the trails at Gulf State Park

Fall and winter along the Gulf Coast can be a magical time. With vivid blue skies contrasting against white sands and green trees, there are few landscapes as beautiful as the coast of Alabama. Pair that with comfortable temperatures and sunny days, and life doesn’t get much better. Take advantage of the natural beauty by ...Read More

Picnicking on the ACC Byway

Pack the food and the kids for a delicious day on Alabama’s Coastal Connection as you explore the scenic byway and pause for a picnic. Dauphin Island in Mobile County offers several picnic spots with picturesque views of the island and water while providing a place to relax. Three picnic gazebos are available at East ...Read More

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Outdoor Adventures Become Homeschool Lessons on Alabama Beaches

Learning new skills and information is never dull when you’re on the Alabama Gulf Coast. Fall is a fun time for homeschoolers in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. Fewer crowds mean more opportunities for learning as homeschoolers get a front-row seat to education. If your learner is interested in the environment and marine biology, Gulf Shores ...Read More

Trade Your Boring Workout for a Beach Workout

Get a great workout with a bike ride on the trails in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. It can be easy to overindulge in succulent seafood and mouthwatering desserts like key lime pie and bread pudding on your Alabama Gulf Coast vacation. But, it can also be easy to stay on your exercise ...Read More

Take a Hike and Discover A Whole New State of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach

If you thought you heard the call of the wild, you may be right. Bring the call to Gulf Shores and Orange Beach to experience a whole new state of nature’s bounty. These two sister cities offer more than white-sand beaches and clear Gulf waters. The Backcountry Trail and the Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge ...Read More