/Connecting with Land and Sea

Making a Living from the Land and Sea

The people of coastal Alabama’s past and present are strongly tied to the relationship between the land and the sea, particularly when it comes to occupation and livelihood. Let’s take a look at a few trades that remain vital to local communities, families and economies today. Fishing People’s love of seafood and the coastal Alabama ...Read More

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Learning on Location: Byway Stops for Homeschool Families

School is starting soon, but that’s no reason adventures along Alabama’s Coastal Connection need to stop, especially for homeschool families. Planning your educational summer vacation in late August and September brings an excellent opportunity to save money, visit sites during a quieter time, and learn on location with your kids! Museums and Historic Sites Bring ...Read More

Why Being Around Water Makes Us Happier

A bubbling brook. A roaring waterfall. The surf rolling onto the sand. Research now shows that being near water really does make us happier and healthier!   Marine biologist Wallace J. Nichols explains the phenomenon in his bestselling book, Blue Mind: the surprising science that shows how being near, in, on, or under water can make ...Read More

Planning Your Summer Trip Along the Byway

Get off the beaten path this summer along Alabama’s Coastal Connection Scenic Byway. Whether you need an extra dose of the great outdoors, avenues to dig into the past, or meaningful time together, we have an itinerary designed to help make the connections you’re looking for. Keep reading for a head start on planning the ...Read More

5 byway sites protecting land and water along Alabama’s Coastal Connection

As you explore Alabama's Coastal Connection National Scenic Byway, it won’t take you long to realize why there is a strong movement to protect its natural beauty, wildlife and coastal barrier strength. Coastal ecosystems are both fierce and fragile. They’re vital for wildlife, those who make their home and livelihood inland, and global environmental systems. ...Read More

Dauphin Island: Get to the beach!

Dauphin Island, a favorite stop along Alabama’s Coastal Connection, is known for gorgeous natural scenery and educational opportunities. The island is also home to beautiful, quiet beaches! Here are your options for public beach access on Dauphin Island: West End Public Beach This beach is a wonderful choice, especially if you’re looking for a beach ...Read More

5 Favorite Photo Spots Along Alabama’s Coastal Connection

It’s no secret that Alabama’s Coastal Connection is full of scenic places to snap that insta-worthy photo. But where are the best photo spots along our National Scenic Byway? Photographers and selfie-pros, we’ve got your answer! Read on for five of our favorite locations for photos you (and your friends) will love. 1. Bellingrath Gardens ...Read More

Mobile Bay Ferry Rides Add to Byway Adventure

If you’re looking to add to your byway adventure at a more leisurely pace, the Mobile Bay Ferry may be just the stop for you. The ferry offers year-round service across Mobile Bay between Fort Morgan and Dauphin Island. Tickets can be purchased at varying rates for passage. No matter where you’ll arrive, the journey ...Read More

Great winter fishing spots

Fishing along the Alabama Gulf Coast is popular in warmer months. But did you know winter fishing can also provide a great haul? During cooler weather, anglers reel in amberjack, Spanish mackerel, flounder, mullet, sheepshead, grouper and more. Dip a line in waterways along Alabama’s Coastal Connection. A great place to start is the Gulf ...Read More

Cruising and sailing along the byway

Who doesn’t love being on a boat? Whether it’s a relaxing sail, a fishing excursion or paddling a kayak, there’s just something special about getting out on the water. If you have your own boat, finding places to launch is not difficult along the Alabama Coastal Connection. For a paddling adventure, off-the-beaten-path places allow you ...Read More