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Explore your creative side along Alabama’s Coastal Connection

From ceramics to glassblowing and painting, local experts at the Coastal Arts Center of Orange Beach are ready to welcome you into their workshops, teach you the tools of the trade, and take you from the spark of inspiration all the way to the finished creation.

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Discover the Eastern Shore Trail

If improving your health was a resolution or goal for 2020, walking or biking along the Eastern Shore Trails will help you accomplish it.

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Explore the salt marshes with the Dauphin Island Sea Lab this summer

xperience the Gulf Coast like never before and explore the salt marshes this summer. The Dauphin Island Sea Lab hosts summer excursions for all ages to explore the coastal grassland area. Put on your marine biologist hat and learn about the important role the salt marshes play in the Gulf of Mexico and how they support life outside of their habitat.

Special sunset spots along the byway

Any spot along the coastal areas of the byway can provide breathtaking views. It’s sometimes hard to tell where the sky ends and the water begins. And reflections off the water are something to behold.

Plan a Valentine’s date along the byway

There’s nothing more romantic than an outing with the one you love, surrounded by the natural beauty of the Gulf Coast. From Mobile to Orange Beach, a romantic setting can be found at every turn.

So many attractions to enjoy on the Scenic Byway

There are numerous attractions along Alabama’s Coastal Connection Scenic Byway. Whether you are a lover of history, nature or adrenaline rushes, we’ve got you covered.  In Mobile, check out the Battleship Memorial Park, a military history park and museum located on the western shore of Mobile Bay. It’s collection of notable aircraft and museum ships ...Read More

Spring festivals

Spring is a busy season for festivals along Alabama’s Coastal Connection. Here on the coast, we love to throw a party and celebrate just about anything. There’s always something to do, so we’ll share just a few of the season’s highlights below.  During the first three weeks of March, local artisans have several opportunities to ...Read More

Works of local artists reflect coastal influences

The beauty of the Gulf Coast is bountiful, providing a constantly changing perspective for many generations of artists. With a variety of scenery from wildlife to diverse landscapes, every day sparks new ideas for these creative minds and oh-so-skilled hands. Local painter Nick Cantrell draws his inspiration from his love of Gulf Coast nature and ...Read More

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Christmas activities on the Gulf Coast

Rock around the Alabama Gulf Coast for all your Christmas festivities! Concerts and a ballet, lights and parades, and, of course, shopping and dining, are available all across Alabama’s Coastal Connection! Soak up some serious sparkle at the Bellingrath Gardens Magic Christmas in Lights. Stroll through a dazzling display that features more than 1,100 set ...Read More

Camping under the Alabama stars

Who can resist the great outdoors during fall? The air is crisp, the humidity is low, and the stars in the sky have never been so bright - especially when you are camping out. The many state park camping grounds along the Alabama Gulf Coast will connect you with nature. And what’s even better is ...Read More