Visiting Graham Creek Nature Preserve

When visiting the Foley Byway, Graham Creek Nature Preserve is a stop for all ages to enjoy. If you love learning about the outdoors or just experiencing them, you’ll find plenty of unique opportunities at Graham Creek. Bring your young children or their school groups to Observe and Explore at the preserve’s structured learning events. ...Read More

Forts Still Guard Mobile Bay

On either side of the entrance to Mobile Bay from the Gulf of Mexico, a fort greets sailors and visitors. But these are not just gathering places for friends and family. Both Fort Gaines on the eastern tip of Dauphin Island and Fort Morgan on the western bank of the Fort Morgan Peninsula have storied ...Read More

Dauphin Island Soars as a Birding Spot

If you love the sounds of spring as much as you do the sights, make sure to make a stop at the Dauphin Island Audubon Bird Sanctuary. The Audubon Bird Sanctuary holds a top-four spot in the nation for viewing spring migrations. Whether you cross the little bridge over to Dauphin Island or ferry over ...Read More

Mobile Bay Ferry Rides Add to Byway Adventure

If you’re looking to add to your byway adventure at a more leisurely pace, the Mobile Bay Ferry may be just the stop for you. The ferry offers year-round service across Mobile Bay between Fort Morgan and Dauphin Island. Tickets can be purchased at varying rates for passage. No matter where you’ll arrive, the journey ...Read More

Hit the Alabama Coastal Birding Trail

Anyone who’s ever ventured along Alabama’s Coastal Connection has surely noted the unique biodiversity of the Gulf Coast. Our beautiful landscapes and seascapes are teeming with life, and there are a number of ways for travelers along the Alabama Coastal Connection to get up close and personal with our local wildlife. Birding is a fun ...Read More

Top 5 Spring Break Activities

The Alabama white-sand beaches in Gulf Shores Orange Beach provide the perfect back drop for a spring break getaway. Will you be in town for one of our many sporting events scheduled during March and April? We’ve listed the top five fun-filled activities for the whole family to enjoy once the games are over. Attractions ...Read More

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At the Gulf Coast

One of the Alabama Gulf Coast’s biggest fans, Kaitlyn, age 10, wrote a persuasive paper for her class in Montana after a trip to Gulf Shores and Orange Beach with her family. Kaitlyn’s grandfather and teacher encouraged her to publish her paper. At the Gulf Coast By Kaitlyn L., Montana Have you ever heard how astonishing the ...Read More

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Five Gifts That Make Last-Minute Christmas Shopping Easier

While many find Christmas shopping enjoyable and love the thrill of discovering the perfect gift for the recipients on their list, others look at their gift list with anxiety. If the adventure seems too much to bare, there are a few one-size-fits-all solutions that’ll leave your recipients with those warm, holiday feelings. These gifts are ...Read More

Bring Your Tailgate Party to Gulf Shores, Orange Beach

Score a touchdown with your family with an away-game tailgate at the beach. Fall brings smaller crowds and some greatdeals on Orange Beach hotels and Gulf Shores condo stays on the sandy shores of the Alabama Gulf Coast. Have a football fanatic in the family? Leave him or her happily in a comfy chair with ...Read More

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