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An escape without leaving home: our photo gallery!

“Take me away to a simpler time, a day at the beach, a drive along tree-lined streets, or a treat at the soda fountain.”  Even if we can’t physically get away, we can let our minds wander for a little while.   If your daydreams need some inspiration, we have it! Immerse yourself in our photo gallery for ...Read More

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It’s a good time to plan your spring getaway on the byway

Spring is a time of beauty and renewal, and the sights and sounds of Alabama’s Coastal Connection Scenic Byway won’t disappoint. here are many options for history, nature and more along the byway. If you aren’t sure where to start, our five theme-based itineraries can be your guide or used as suggestions to create your own checklist.   

The Gulf State Park campground is home away from home for winter visitors

Located close to the beach and connected to the Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail, Gulf State Park is a highly sought-after winter camping haven. In fact, their website indicates that monthly reservations for November 2021–March 2022 opened on December 1.  

Enjoy the beauty of Alabama’s Coastal Connection Scenic Byway in the new year

Even with the uncertainty of current events, a trip along Alabama’s Coastal Connection Scenic Byway will provide a wonderful break from the daily routines and allow you to return home with a new appreciation for the beauty and history of our area. 

Travel options along the byway

Moderate temperatures, a more laid-back atmosphere and beautiful scenery are in store for travelers on Alabama’s Coastal Connection this time of year. To satisfy your taste for adventure and to see coastal Alabama from a different perspective, park your car and try an alternative means of transportation.   

Christmas Activities

It’s holiday season and we couldn’t be happier! When we sit around hoping to digest Thanksgiving dinner quickly so we can have another piece of pie, our family discussions often turn to Christmas and the fun activities that surround that holiday. On Alabama’s Coastal Connection Scenic Byway, there is always something going on to celebrate the season.  

Finding the freshest seafood

Coastal Alabama is known for its fresh, delicious seafood. Mobile County and Baldwin County boast some of the best in the country. Have you thought about taking a seafood tour on Alabama’s Coastal Connection? Fresh seafood is easy to find for including in your favorite recipe. Or, if you would rather someone serve you, we’ve got you covered there as well.  

Get spooky in Coastal Alabama

Is it time for some spooky fun on Alabama’s Coastal Connection Scenic Byway? You’re in luck! Socially distanced Halloween thrills can be found all along the byway in Mobile and Baldwin counties.  

Outdoor attractions to enjoy along the byway in 2020

October is a wonderful time to be outdoors on the Alabama Gulf Coast. Morning temperatures average in the 60s, the fall sun typically warms the days into the mid-70s, and the skies just seem a little bluer. So plan your fall trip on Alabama’s Coastal Connection Scenic Byway for an abundance of outdoor attractions to enjoy during this special time of year.