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Must-see Alabama coast attractions to visit this fall

Being outdoors in the fall, especially in Alabama, is what it’s all about: bright blue skies, sunny days, comfortable temperatures, less humidity, and warm Gulf of Mexico waters. It really is a wonderful time for exploring the best outdoor attractions and enjoying the beautiful white-sand beaches. Plan a road trip today from Mobile to Orange ...Read More

Nature photography along the ACC

Luscious green marshland, colorful chirping birds, vivid forestry and sparkling blue water are just a few of the brilliant sights the Alabama Coastal Connection Scenic Byway has to offer. With camera in hand, you’re sure to capture stunning images of the natural beauty of the Gulf Coast. Mobile Bay makes for a nice subject to ...Read More

Spring birding on the causeway

It’s almost time for spring birding, and as many nature lovers know, it’s essential to have a good bird-watching spot (or several!) as migration begins. Many points along the  Alabama Coastal Connection Scenic Byway are ideal for birding. The Eastern Shore, Mobile Bay Causeway and Blakeley Island birding loop intertwines with parts of the byway. An ...Read More