It’s almost time for spring birding, and as many nature lovers know, it’s essential to have a good bird-watching spot (or several!) as migration begins. Many points along the  Alabama Coastal Connection Scenic Byway are ideal for birding.

The Eastern Shore, Mobile Bay Causeway and Blakeley Island birding loop intertwines with parts of the byway. An excellent route to catch great views, this path provides 11 places to stop off and take out the spotting scope. Those are:

– 5 Rivers Delta Resource Center

– Battleship Park

– Blakeley Island – Mud Lakes

– Blakeley Island – North Blakeley Disposal Area

– Blakeley Island – South Blakeley Disposal Area

– D’Olive Bay Overlook

– Fairhope Municipal Pier and Beach

– Meaher State Park

– Mobile Bay Mudflats

– Village Point Park

– William Brooks Park

With so many viewing spots to choose from, this loop guarantees a fun, successful birding experience. The diversity of these 11 sites lets you see a variety of birds such as the sandpiper, peregrine falcon, black-bellied whistling duck and black-necked stilt, to name a few.

Many of these sites have covered areas where you can escape the sun on a hot day. And they’re all in good proximity to restaurants, including fresh gulf seafood.

To make a weekend out of birding, hotels located near this loop make it easy. So for your next birding adventure, give the Eastern Shore, Mobile Bay Causeway and Blakeley Island birding loop a try!