The Alabama Coastal Connection Scenic Byway shows off the state’s historic and natural wonders. Serene spots throughout the byway provide places where one can take in everything nature has to offer.

Looking for the right place to hang up your hammock and relax? Any of the places mentioned below are ready for you! 

Bayfront Park – This peaceful park in Daphne has a beautiful view of the bay, and even the Mobile skyline on a clear day. There’s a gazebo where you can escape the sun for a while, and even a trail entrance near the gazebo so you can explore. Trees near the Bayfront Pavilion and around the trail give you plenty of options for hammock hanging. This spot is secluded, allowing you to enjoy the sounds of the water lapping against the shore and the birds chirping overhead.

Parks at Fairhope Pier – Several parks near Fairhope Pier, including Henry George Park and Knoll Park, are great places to set up your hammock. Large wooded areas give you plenty of trees to choose from, and plenty of shade. Many families visit Fairhope Pier, so this spot isn’t for those looking to doze off. Bring a good book and kick back.

The Hangout – What beats hanging a hammock? Having a hammock waiting for you! The Hangout often has hammocks outside for public use. Visit this spot later in the day to lay in a hammock, listen to music and simply relax. 

Fish River – When you’re looking for a very secluded spot to rest in complete quietness, look to Fish River in Baldwin County. Numerous spots along the river are perfect for some R&R.