Orange Beach Indian and Sea Museum

If you love history, especially Native American history, then you will love the Orange Beach Indian & Sea Museum and the Gulf Shores Museum.

The Orange Beach and Gulf Shores communities were both settled as fishing villages in the mid-1800s, but Creek Indians inhabited the area long before the arrival of Europeans. In fact, Baldwin County’s tribes can be traced back about 10,000 years!

The Orange Beach Indian & Sea Museum features artifacts from some of the area’s earlier inhabitants. Originally built in 1910 as a schoolhouse, it has served as a museum since 1995 and was moved to its present location in 1999. Families of early fishermen donated supplies and collectibles that make us mindful of the challenges and achievements in the early days of our fishing industry.

The Gulf Shores Museum was originally a home, constructed prior to World War II and located on West Beach, and was donated to the city after Hurricane Frederic in 1979. The museum now houses items highlighting the area’s span of history from a quaint fishing village in its earlier days to a now-bustling beach city.

To discover the history of both Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, spend a day visiting the Orange Beach Indian & Sea Museum and the Gulf Shores Museum.