Women work hard. In the office, the home, schools, everywhere. That’s why taking a girls’ trip to the beach is a necessity. Yes, going to the beach is good for you and good for your friends!  

There’s nothing better in the world than lying on the beach, soaking up the sunshine and listening to the waves caress the shore, especially when your best pals are with you. According to research, the sound of waves changes our brainwave patterns, lulling us into a deeply tranquil state. When we’re relaxed, our mind and body rejuvenate. This is exactly what your hard-working self needs. 

Lying on the beach also helps relieve stress. The heat of the sun on our body affects our endocrine system, encouraging it to secrete endorphins that make us feel relaxed and less stressed. The perfect combination. 

Did you know that salt air combats depression and mood disorders? It’s the negative ions in the salt air that lift the emotional state. It’s nearly impossible to be in a bad mood at the beach! 

Those negative ions also boost our ability to absorb oxygen while balancing levels of serotonin, a body chemical that makes us more relaxed, yet alert and energized. That’s why we often sleep more soundly after spending the day on the beach.  

Make plans today to get away and rejuvenate along Alabama’s Coastal Connection with your besties.