people walking on a beach trail

Fall is the best time to explore and discover. One of our favorite ways to do that is to set off on a friends-and-family adventure of geocaching along the Alabama Gulf Coast trails. Explore a whole new world and find hidden treasure all around you!

Geocaching is a great way to get outside, enjoy nature and get some exercise. You will see places that you would have never seen before, you get a fun mental and physical challenge, and you will even find peace and serenity while exploring. To top it all off, you will have memories and stories to last a lifetime.

Amazing geocaching spots along the Alabama Gulf Coast span from Robinson Island in Orange Beach to places along the beautiful beaches and hidden back bays to areas only accessible by water along the Five Rivers Delta.

To begin your adventure, start by visiting a website such as or downloading an app like Cachly or Geocaching. After logging in, enter your zip code to get a list of caches near your location. Pick one, enter the coordinates or download them into your device, then let the exploring begin.

When you discover a cache, share your experience with others by adding photos of you with the treasure, and describe your adventure. (Some caches have clues that make the hunt even more adventurous, so don’t give away too many details!)

There are a couple of rules to go by. The main rule is not to move the cache. Leave it where you found it for others to find. If you happen upon a cache of value or one that you are supposed to take with you, you are required to put something back of equal or greater value. Should a cache be missing, make a log entry of it on the website or app, so the owner knows it is gone.

Now armed with the knowledge of what geocaching is all about, get out and experience the Gulf Coast like never before. See places you would have never encountered on your own. It’s time to pursue the adventure, peace, and mental and physical challenges of geocaching. And most of all, it’s time to create lifelong memories!