Winter Bass FishingWhen cooler weather settles on Alabama, it’s tempting to bundle up inside and wait for warmer weather to enjoy outdoor fun. But locals know winter can be the best time of year to experience all the Gulf Coast has to offer without the blistering heat or loads of tourists!

Recreational and professional anglers alike can’t get enough of the great bass fishing Alabama’s bodies of water provide all year long. But winter anglers can take in the beauty of nature with fewer interruptions. Below, you’ll find our tips to get the big bass biting along Alabama’s Coastal Connection.

First things first: confidence. Having the right attitude and plenty of patience are key in the winter when it can be easy to get discouraged! Dress for the weather, hunker down and wait for the payoff.

Keep in mind: No matter the temperatures, fish have to feed just like the rest of us. This is where the patience comes in handy.

Winter fishing tipsIf possible, plan to hit the water on the slightly warmer days following a cold front. Warmer temperatures get the bass moving, so target shallow waters next to deep water drop-offs where the bass will be headed in search of food. You might get lucky.

During a cold front, narrow your lure selection. On warmer days, the more lures the merrier. Switch it up to see what’s enticing the bass to bite.

If you’ve got confidence and warm winter gear, you’re in for a great bass fishing experience along Alabama’s coastal byway. Do you have any winter fishing tips you’d like to share? Leave them in the comments!